Amazing Bicep Routines

Amazing Bicep Routines

If you are going to be starting an exercise program soon, in order to get the most out of your exercise you will want to ensure that you include proper bicep routines in your program. Not only will bicep routines help to strengthen the most prominent muscle in your upper arms, but you will have more defined muscles. If you are just starting out, then here are some helpful tips for performing the bicep routines that you can incorporate into your exercise program and achieve your fitness goals in no time:

Dumbbells – of course there are some bicep routines that you can perform without the use of any equipment, but a good set of dumbbells will help you reach your goals sooner, and the good thing is that unlike large exercise machines, dumbbells are very inexpensive. The weight of the dumbbells will depend on your current fitness level. If you’re a woman, you might want to start out with 3 lb or 5 lbs dumbbells, and if you’re a man you might want to start out with 10 lbs or more. This decision is totally up to you, but you want to make sure that you don’t start out with dumbbells that are too heavy, as you could injure yourself.

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Specific exercises – some bicep routines that you might want to begin with are stretching, which is important and should be performed first. After you have properly prepared your bicep muscles for heavy duty strength training by stretching them, you can begin with the basic bicep curl, alternate dumbbell curls, and hammer curls. You can start out with three sets of 10 or 15 count reps of each and slowly increase your reps as you gain strength and become more experienced.

Adequate rest – when performing strength training routines, it is important to allow time in between sessions for your muscles to rest and undergo repair. While cardio exercises can be performed 7 days a week if you desire, bicep routines and other strength training exercises should be performed every other day. Of course bodybuilders will follow their own programs and will likely strength train for extended periods on a daily basis, but those who are new to strength training should proceed with caution, as going at it too strong could result in injury, including extreme soreness due to tearing of the muscles.

Eating properly is also part of a good bicep routine, and muscle building routine program. If you’re not eating the right food, you shouldn’t expect to see results especially quickly. Some people can eat junk food and build all the muscles in the world, but for the average person, the food will be 90% of the battle.

So if you’re ready to get your body and your biceps into shape, performing the above bicep routines as well as any of the other various bicep routines out there, you will have the ability to quickly transform your arms, and sculpt sexy, toned muscles that will help improve your self-esteem, your strength and your health simultaneously.

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