Best Bicep Building Exercises

Best Bicep Building Exercises

Bicep building is something that a lot of people are looking for, but seem to be struggling with. It is a popular part of the body to build for those who desire to look fit and lean. There are several bicep building exercises that can be done in order to get them looking great.

One of the best bicep building exercises is the bicep curl done in a standing position. It is a good exercise because it works all heads of the muscle. It should be done with free weights with an emphasis on using good form. The body is to remain still while the elbow bends to complete the curl. There should not be any swinging motions involved in the exercise. It is key to remain in control of the movements.

Proper form is extremely important so don’t cheat yourself with the wrong form. If you decide to increase the weight ask someone to help you with the weights to keep it more controlled, and steady. If you don’t have a friend at the gym with you, don’t be afraid to ask someone for help.

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Another great exercise for bicep building are chin ups. It is a very easy exercise to do that does not require weights. The reason it is so effective is due to the fact that the body acts as resistance. Palms should be facing forward with hands spread out five to six inches. The body should be pulled up over the chin up bar. Tension should remain in the body as the body is lowered. The exercise should be repeated without having the feet touch the floor. It is best to not wait in between chin ups.

When it comes to repetitions and sets, it may be best to perform three to four sets of eight to twelve repetitions. Resting for a minute or two in between weight lifting sets can help reduce the likelihood of muscle exhaustion. There should also be one to two days rest in between arm workouts. Performing strength training up to three times a week can help ensure results.

Since the biceps are made up of both muscles that twitch fast and slow, a variety of exercises should be used by those interested in bicep building. It is extremely important for a person to focus on form and to make sure that they are using appropriate weights when doing strength workouts. Avoid swinging, and make sure that the biceps are the muscles that are doing the work.

If a person is not able to control their movements, they may need to reduce the amount of the weight that they are using for the exercise. A person who wants to build their biceps should keep doing bicep exercises until they start to see the results that they desire.

These exercises will greatly help you grow your biceps, and if done consistently will start showing results within a short period of time. Bicep building like all other exercises must be done regularly otherwise results will come slowly, and passively.

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