Bicep Mass Workout For Massive Biceps

Bicep Mass Workout For Massive Biceps

A great bicep mass workout can give you some incredible gains, especially when done correctly. When you see a person who is in great physical shape there is always one part of their body that seems to be in perfect condition, large, toned and visibly strong. The bicep is one part of the body where those attributes can easily be attained. Of course there is a lot of work that goes into building the bicep muscle but there are so many different bicep mass workouts that a person training could never get bored or tired because they have been doing the same workouts over and over again.

A great bicep mass workout is the standing barbell curl. This exercise directly works on the biceps. In order to do this exercise the person training must grab a barbel with the appropriate weight on each side. Their hands should be placed shoulder width apart on the barbel with their palms facing up. After the correct position is verified the person training should then life the barbel from their thighs to there shoulder bending there arms at the elbow. Depending on the person 3-5 sets should be adequate to get the workout you are looking for.

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Another better bicep mass workout is the dumbbell curl. This exercise uses two dumbbells of equal weight, one in each hands. The person working out would take each dumbbell in each hand, keeping the palms facing the thigh area and then raise the dumbbell up to the shoulder turning the palm towards the shoulder as they go up. The trainee should always remain in a proper stance and remember to take caution when the dumbbell is being raised towards the head. Depending on the person and the workout regimen 3- 5 sets should be adequate.

Another bicep mass workout that is very similar to the dumbbell curl is the hammer curl. This exercise also includes two dumbbells of equal weight in each hand. The stance and posture may be the same as the dumbbell curl the only difference is now the thumb on both hands is facing out in the same direction you are looking. The dumbbell is then raised to the shoulder with the thumb in the same position and no rotation.

If you focus on these workouts when at the gym, you are guaranteed to grow your biceps at a great rate. But don’t overdo it. Because these exercises are extremely hard exercises, you should definitely allow your body enough time to heal. A great way to do this is to perform these exercises only once per week. This way your biceps will have 6 days to fully recover, and be ready for another great bicep mass workout the following week.

Having a good physique can lead to a healthier life and better self esteem. With the variety of workouts that can be done at both gyms and in the comfort of your own home there is no reason why a good bicep workout can’t be done.

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