Bicep Stretches To Build Big Muscles

Bicep Stretches To Build Big Muscles

Bicep stretches immediately after a workout can help you prevent soreness and injury and build bigger, healthier muscles faster. Muscles are naturally going to be sore after any workout, but doing the right stretches shortens your recovery time. Stretching helps avoid injury, decreasing your down time so you can get back to training. You will often see runners stretching their legs after exercising, but weight lifters should also be doing bicep stretches after they finish their routines.

During your workout, lactic acid builds up in the muscles. This is normal, but if you don’t stretch afterward, giving your muscles a chance to cool down, the result can be strained and sore muscles the next day. Without gentle but thorough bicep stretches afterward, your muscles can be too tight, which can lead to an injury during your next weight lifting session. Tight muscles affect an otherwise smooth range of motion during your next workout, and injured bicep muscles mean you can’t work as hard during your next session, and all of that affects your progress in growing bigger, healthier muscles.

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When you do these stretches, keep several things in mind. Keep your back straight to prevent injuring your lower back. Don’t hold your breath during a stretch; keep breathing in and out. Take your time and don’t rush so you can pay attention to your form and your breathing. Rest in between each type of stretch, and don’t push beyond your normal limit; this is your stretching, not your workout. Try doing weighted bicep stretches to build muscle the healthy way.

That said, there are three basic bicep stretches to try in addition to your normal workout routine, and they don’t require any equipment. The first one involves standing with your feet apart and knees bent. Stretch both arms out to each side, palms forward. Rotate your hands to face backward and stretch your arms behind you. You’ll also feel a stretch in your chest muscles. A second stretch is to stand with your back to a wall. Raise your hands and turn your palms toward the wall, and lean into a squat; hold for up to 30 seconds. A third stretch is to stand with your hand, elbow, and shoulder all touching a wall, and turn carefully, maintaining that three-point contact with the wall.

If you do have access to a Smith Machine or a power rack with a bar at the height of your shoulders, or a cable pulley machine, you can use these for bicep stretches. With the bar behind you, use an overhand grip to grab the bar, palms facing down, and squat or kneel in whatever way gives you the best stretch. Another option is using the pulley system on a power rack. Stand and lean forward, keeping the pulleys behind you, with your palms facing outward, as if you were doing a chest stretch. Experiment with where to place your feet in order to get the best stretch in your biceps. Stretching will definitely help you build bigger muscles.

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