Fantastic Bicep Stretch Exercise

Fantastic Bicep Stretch Exercise

A good bicep stretch is extremely important for anyone who spends time working out. Lifting weights without stretching can potentially cause serious damage to your muscles, and in a worst case scenario, you may even require surgery to repair damage that has been caused by lifting weights. If that happens not only will you have to stay away from the weights for a while, but you may also face permanent damage even after surgery depending on the type of damage you cause. This is why performing a bicep stretch is very important.

When beginning a strength training program, you need to be aware of the importance of properly stretching your muscles before jumping right into your program, especially the biceps. The first thing you should always do when getting to the gym is to warm up, and do some sort of stretching. Stretches helps to loosen your bicep muscles, and this can prevent injury. If you have never performed a bicep stretch before, then here are some helpful tips that can help you be more successful:

Muscle Building

Explode Your Muscle Gains

Keep Your Back Straight

During the bicep stretch and subsequent exercises, it is important to ensure that your back remains straight at all times, as you could possibly injure yourself by bending and twisting in various positions while exercising your arms. It may not seem possible to injure yourself in this manner, but injuries can, have, and will occur.

Adequate Periods Of Rest

When performing a bicep stretch, it is important to rest for an adequate amount of time between each stretching exercise. You don’t need to behave as if you’re in a marathon and race through the stretches. You need to take your time and rest for 10 – 15 seconds between each of your stretching exercises.

Don’t Hold Your Breath

While performing a bicep stretch exercise or any other type of exercise, you need to remember to breathe. Many people inadvertently hold their breath and focus only on their biceps or any other muscle that they are focusing on at the time, which is something you definitely don’t want to do. You need to ensure that a proper amount of oxygen is circulating through your body at all times during exercise. Refraining from holding your breath during exercise is important as well, because you don’t want your blood pressure to rise to perilous levels and cause an unexpected health crisis to occur.

How Many Stretches Should You Do?

You should perform a minimum of 3 stretching exercises per bicep muscle. Any 3 will do, but make sure you allow enough time in between. If you’re going to be exercising your biceps by lifting weights or performing similar strength training exercises, then you definitely want to make sure that you perform a proper bicep stretch before beginning. Stretching your biceps prior to beginning your exercise program will not only prevent any possible injury, but it will also increase your range of motion and enable you to work this particular muscle longer and harder, which of course will help you reach your goal a lot sooner.

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